Hey guys,

My name is Charles Österlund and here are the basics about me.
I was born 1994 in British Columbia, Canada. From the age of 0 to 6 I moved around Canada making my way east to Magog in Quebec. Here I learned English and French.

At the age of 6, we ended up moving down to Davie Florida where I spent another 4 years until the age of 10. The final and most impactful move was down to the Dominican Republic.

Since living in Cabarete, Dominican Republic I have had a variety of experiences from doing school to meeting different people, to learning Spanish, too developing a passion for water sports and starting a business. There are lots of details and complexities to my life just like anyones life though this is “the basics”.

Currently I am the patient and scientist of my own experiment to self development. Monitoring and testing myself to develop smarter and better physically - mentally and spiritually to better function and be of value to the world. This is it for now…

Charles Osterlund